Me trying to remember birthdays: sooo, it’s a week before mid-month, in the month of Christmas.

ﺙ - the loneliest urdu alphabet

Dil Dooba- Khakee

I sometimes wonder what I can do to devalue myself so that I won’t be good for marriage (and therefore, left alone to my elements). The fact that I am skinny, and ‘don’t look like I can bear children’ is already working in my favour somewhat. Except it is still a trait that is viewed as reversible. The other is me reaching into my late 20s somehow, and then certainly, my reproductive value would be viewed as being less. Though still, some might want to rishtify nevertheless. So, it leaves only one thing that makes you utterly umarriageable. And that’s divorce. 


Mitwa,Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

Shafqat Amanat Ali, Shankar Mahadevan, Caralisa

There is a type of man, that even if you told him that you are not now nor ever going to be interested in him- in fact you will sew your eyes shut right now just so you don’t see him and perforate your ear drum so you don’t have to hear him ever again, will still find a way to say ~are you coming on to me??~


I don’t like twitter. The feed is overwhelming. Which is odd cos 140 character limit, so how?

Feminists talk about not wanting to be objectified, but then they go do things like have a face, limbs and a heartbeat. How am I suppose to take you whole? Make yourselves whole sisters, and fear hypocrisy!

Anonymous asked: your thoughts on sex-positive/sex worker feminist

use to have liberal approach to it. But no. There is no choice or individualism in exploitation. Even if there are some females who would willingly do it, for the vast majority, that is not the case. And there numerous accounts from women in the sex work industry speaking about their financial reasons for getting into it and horrible ‘work’ conditions. This industry normalizes violence against women, and perpetuates ideas of female subordination at the end of the day, no matter which way you try to spin it. With regards to porn, there are many studies demonstrating a correlation between porn consumption and attitudes towards acceptance of rape and altered approach to female sexuality (as in women always want it/always ready etc). And also, porn ‘directors’ have demonstrated themselves to be straight up misogynists. Tells us something.

sending unsolicited pictures of my mighty schlong is a display of vulnerability. To call it sexual harassment is a disingenuous overreaction and hurts my feelings

—Androcentric Proverb

There should be a pill for procrastination. I have zero self control with distractions. A wall is a distraction if work is to be done. No motivation. It wasn’t like this. I remember when I was fresh from Pakistan, I use to spend so many hours studying rigorously, ahead of time. It just gets worse and worse. 

how many of you guys can read urdu in the persian/arabic script?

its 8 and i havent done shit ahhaahaha ;((((

Wanting to avoid the association of feminism with moralism has to do with how liberal feminism’s analytical approach strives to validate the preferences of the individual, which means avoiding making any judgements/criticisms, even if said criticism is based in wanting to deter others from harmful patriarchal notions or practices. The only way this logically works (validating all individual preferences as relevant to feminism) is through moral relativism (moral distinctions are made on a subjective basis relative to each and every individual) or amoralism (there is no point to ever making any sort of moral distinctions).

In formulating a form of feminism where right and wrong is not determined on how much an act or belief reinforces female subordination/oppression and male domination/privilege, but on how good those beliefs or acts feel to an individual you end up with individuals referring to themselves as feminists while promoting and justifying the sexualizing of male violence against women and girls, defending rape myths (both in and out of pornography) and consequently rape culture, advocating for the ‘rights’ of pornographers, pimps, punters/johns and traffickers, etc. You end up with a form of feminism that can mean anything to everyone and anyone - no matter how violent, sadistic and misogynistic that person is - and thus, [that] feminism means absolutely nothing at all in relation to actual, holistic female liberation. There’s no collective goal of liberation or focus on collapsing a system of male dominance and female submission.

The subjectivism and moral relativism/amoralism that marks liberalism and conjunctly, liberal feminism makes whether or not liberal feminism is a feminist movement at all highly questionable. Commonly held attitudes in the liberal feminist camp echoes the views of misogynists at sometimes the masculinist/MRA point of extremity. The willingness to defend misogynistic men with the incessant, battering ram of ‘kink shamer!’ and constantly reminding those goddamn shamers that men who ideate over the rape, abuse and even murder of women and girls have a ‘right’ to freedom of [self]-expression, as a counter to feminists who prioritize women’s rights to not be raped, abused and murdered by men has become a definite signifier of how liberal feminism (which I’ve ‘fondly’ come to know as fauxminism), which is perceived to be ‘mainstream’ feminism (the most widely understood and accepted interpretation of the women’s movement), has been sidetracked.

There are multiple feminist movements, but liberal feminism is the end product of what becomes of feminism when male sexuality is prioritized over female safety, when male presence in an initially gynocentric movement is encouraged on the basis of ‘inclusivity’, when any mention of sexual and physical violence against women by men as a moral issue is discouraged for fear of being associated with far-right conservatism and when individualism and subjectivity are put on such a high ideological pedestal that choice politics is used as a counter for every existing anti-conformity stance that emphasizes that the personal is political because everyone is personally being molded by a system of structural inequality.

Liberal Feminism: Liberalism + Moral Relativism/Amoralism + ‘Feminism’ = a crooked concoction

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